A Dream (abstract)

Calling to me
White and Soft
Broken in
Of a young jock
For them I dive

Filling my mouth completely
Feeling the occupant wiggle with delight
Slurping leather and sole
Sucking in the taste

Soft leather rubbing my face
Tastes of leather and sweat
Smooth and warm
Delicate but strong

Steep slopes of delight
Looking up seeing the powerful
Feeling so small
My tongue dancing with joy
In rhythm with the boy’s heart

Protected by bars of laces
Keeping me from my treat
Perforated to tease
Protected to deny
Pointing to the source of desire

Source of the sneaker’s control
Mean and intimidating
Unforgiving but yet inviting
Flavored with rubber and dirt
To them I am helpless

Soft and warm
Dark and moist
Jock’s aroma invites me
Jock’s hand keeps me
The fragrance comforts me

I close my eyes
I breathe in
I am home

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