A Dream

A friendly voice called me over
“Lay at my feet” the voice said
Warmth overcame my body
My body submitted

I lay facing a pair of white sneakers
Smell of leather drifting to my nose
The toes are creased and soft
Showing only a few specs of dirt

The voice encourages “go on, lick them”
But you may never turn back
I lower my head and release my tongue
Moving closer to the sneakers the warmth returns

My tongue touches the soft leather
Wild sensations fill my body
I tingle with excitement of the event
Humiliation and control are imminent

The leather is warm and inviting
My tongue glides over it
Making it glisten in the light
My heart fills with joy

The smell of sweat comes closer
Strong and masculine
A mixing of the smells is intoxicating
I breathe deep, it takes over my body

The sneakers rotate
The soles face me
My heart races
My tongue leaches forward

I am blind to the sole
I will not see its imperfections
I will not see its dirt
I am blind to the sole

Where my eyes will not pass
My tongue will pass well
The texture rubs my tongue
The flavor invades my mouth

A mix of sweet rubber and dirt
Dirt in my mouth I swallow
Groves and bumps I probe
The sole burns rubbing my face

I am pulled back from the sneaker
Before my eyes the they are loosened
Slipped off so gently
Exposing the soft moist interior

The sneaker comes toward my face
My face and the sneaker move to the floor
The sneaker is tied
I breathe in, and my world goes dark

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