While playing erotic games it is easy to become distracted and turned off by things. Desire exists because of emotions that need to be fulfilled and things that need to be experienced, sometimes repeatedly. When licking hot sneaks, nothing is worse than getting gritty mud in your mouth, but that should be unimportant. When you are driven by desire, look beyond the grit and get to the real meaning of it, you are doing something you enjoy, most likely for a guy that you are attracted to and that turns you on. Focus on the feeling of pleasing the guy standing over you, take the grit for him. Pain is another fun distracter. When desire runs thin, a heavy wooden paddle coming down on your ass will allow you to feel only pain, not the pleasure of having the pain inflicted on you. It should be simple enough to meditate through the pain and still present your ass like a good bitch slave.
No matter what distracts you, gaining focus and an understanding of WHY you are in a situation will cure it. The hardest part about everything erotic is the mental. If you aren’t psychologically ready for the reality of things, then it will destroy your fantasies. Take control of your psychological state and you will be free to give control to whomever is worthy of it.

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