Sneaker Bar

You enter the bar, it smells of new leather and mild foot sweat. The hardwood floors are polished to a high gloss, reflective enough to see the soles of the feet hanging through the holes in the wall on the right. To the far left, shelf after shelf of sneakers and boots, disappearing into the horizon at the back of the bar. The footwear ranges in condition from new to very well worn. The bar itself is fairly strange to the untrained eye, but to the foot fetishist, the intentions are clear. There is a row of athletic men behind the wall, all with their feet through their own little hole. The men can only be seen from the knee down. You can dress them as you like, with socks from the bin in the middle of the room, and footwear from the opposite wall. Lay on the floor beneath their feet and enjoy. If things get a little too steamy for the main room or you need more aggressive action with your guy, go to the bartender and get a tag for a room in the back. Once you wrap the tag around the guy’s ankle and secure it, he is yours for the night, and will know to join you in the room. You enter the room in the dark, say your darkest desires as quickly as you can, then your guy turns on the light and the fun begins.
Place your order for your guy the day before, he will be dressed from head to toe, however you command. Make him all sweaty by instructing the bar to have him to run around a track for an hour, or perhaps spend the afternoon playing basketball. Go to the bar that evening, and meet your man in the room, or pick him up and take him home, the bar will have him ready for transport.

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