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Bondage Gear:


I obtained the new collars, because the old one doesn’t shine like it used to, also, I was looking for something a little heavier. The new cuffs are appropriate to keep a guy chained for days, allowing enough freedom to work, but restrictive enough that the boy won’t get away.
The Nike Air Definition are similar to (ok, the exact same model) as a pair that my cousin has that I have admired for a few months. My friend Denon sent them to me, quite a nice surprise 🙂 They are breaking in nicely and gradually looking a little more like my cousin’s sneaks.
The Nike Air Field General are sneaks that I bought from my friend Tim, he had them for quite a while. Hes the type that is majorly into stomping, an interest I only got to experience with him a few times. I love the bumps on the soles of these sneaks, I can see why Tim used them for stomping, would leave awesome deep impressions.
Magnum Response II is an interesting boot. My friend Oscar bought these for me after I had been boned about them for days. I suspect he was boned by them too, given how quickly he decided he wanted to see me in them. It has a side zip apparatus which makes the boots easy to get on, and easy to get off, as well as makes it easy to have someone stick their face right down next to my foot and take a deep sniff of my boot without me having to take my boots off. I’m looking forward to going hiking with these on in some warm weather. My friend Jake made me wear them for 4 days non-stop without taking them off (yes, even slept in them).

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