Workout Rules

I was digging through my old documents and found this little bit of history from a period of my sexual life.

Workout Rules

Propsed Rules
1. The coach sets all limits. The jock may vocalize objections, but final decision is made by the coach.
2. The coach determines punishments. The jock may not object to punishments, and must take them with dignity. Undignified punishments may be grounds for further discipline.
3. The jock must do the number of repetitions of an exercise specified by the coach, or be punished for the number of reps not completed.
4. The jock is to work out a miniumum of 4 times per week, the coach or jock may add additional workouts as needed. Any workout where the coach is present is to be considered a supervised workout, and any independant workouts are considered practice. If any scheduled workout, practice or supervised, is missed, it must be made up before the next supervised workout, or the jock will be punished for the missed workout. Not having the coach availible for the workout is not an excuse to miss it.
5. The jock must always be respectful of the coach. Being rude to the coach is not acceptable, and should be punished.
6. Jock’s goals must be constantly pushed forward, as the jock improves, the coach shall make the workout more intense. As the jock’s overall endurance improves the jock’s limits may be pushed more ahead of his capabilities.
7. The jock is responsible for obtaining all workout related information that is requested by the coach.
8. The jock shall maintain a workout log, that the coach may inspect or modify at any time he wishes.
Proposed Punishments
1. Nipple Torture – clamps, clothespins, whatever coach selects. Timed punishment, usually for amount of time difference between actual and goal time, if the time represents inadequate performance.
2. Caneing – Cane hits to jock’s ass, feet, legs, back, balls, nipples, cock, or other body part. Used numerically for number of reps missed, minutes missed (always rounded up) or x number assigned for non-workout related offenses.
3. Chastity – sexual release prevented by the coach, whether by order or device. Chastity is normally for offenses such as missed workouts or being disrespectful to the coach during the workout. Normally time in chastity would be deterined as the time between supervised workouts, but may be adjusted by the coach as needed.
4. Runs – running until exhaustion + coach assigned time, or just as a coach assigned time. If this punishment is unsuccessfully implemented, the jock must endure this punishment, plus another complete punishment.
5. Verbal Abuse, Insults, Scolding, etc – the coach may at any time when he feels a jock’s performance is unsatisfactory due to a lack of effort, use verbal abuse to express his displeasure.
6. Tickling – a time based punishment. Jock may be restrained as needed for this punishment. This punishment is usually to be applied as a direct correlation to the difference between goal time and actual time.
7. Gut Punches – the coach may punch the jock’s abdominal region for missed reps or any other offense. If it is necessary to restrain the jock, additional punishment may be added.
8. Additional weekly workout – for a lack of performance, additional monitored practice can be added.
Proposed Rewards
1. Verbal encouragement – the coach may verbally encourage the jock during the workout, after the workout, or any time he feels it is needed. An example of this is when the jock appears to be falling short of his goal, but is sincerely trying and is focused on his goal.
2. Forgiveness of an Offense – if a punishment is pending, and the jock is performing above expectations or is somehow deserving of a reward, a punishment can be forgiven, reduced, or delayed at the coach’s discression.
3. Gear Play – the coach may allow the jock to play with his own gear, or the coach’s gear.

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