Change to the CB6000

Last week a good friend of mine, Oscar, who is also in a long-term chastity situation (under my control) fell in love with the CB-6000. Before his interest in the device, I was ignoring the existence of the CB-6000 to avoid creating an addiction. A few days after he fell in love with the device he ordered one for himself and one for me. We have both been in the CB-6000 for nearly a week now.
Now that I have had a chance to experience the device for over 5 days, I believe it is the most comfortable chastity device that has ever existed. Over the course of time that I have been interested in chastity I have tried the CB2000, 3000 and now the 6000. Between the 2000 and 3000 I always found the 3000 to be too big and not easy to get a good fit with my cock. For a long time the CB2000 was my favorite, the one I could easily wear for extended periods of time. The 6000 is very functional and is definitely my new favorite device. I have found that it is very easy to piss while standing with this device, and there is no pain under my balls from the ring like with the other devices. The flat rings make things so much better. The rings seem to overall fit a bit tighter, which makes the device more interesting to put on, but overall makes for a better fit.
As for my present situation, I was switched to the CB6000 from the 2000 without release. The slightest erotic thought makes my cock get hard. In the 6000 I now oil my cock about once per day, just to keep things moving correctly, and the cotton swab’s mild stimulation causes an instant erection. After being without orgasm for over a month, I am starting to have odd feelings. I go from being ready to rip the device off and wank instantly, to suddenly loving the feeling and wanting it to last as long as possible. I wish I knew how long this torture was going to last, but at the same time, I’m glad I don’t know.

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