Refocusing Sexual Energy

Another week has gone by and my cock is still not my own again. I am focusing on trying to be good and not do anything that might harm my chances of getting to cum again soon. I feel like this week has been one tormenting event after another. I don’t know how long I can stand this condition of things, my cock yearns to shoot its load. On the other hand, I love this heightened sexual awareness that I have now. I feel like I can be constantly erotic without it interfering with any of my normal functions. I feel like there is a counter on my cock, timing every moment that I am not allowed to reach orgasm.
For the remainder of the time I am in chastity I am going to try to be more productive with my energy. I am going to be attempting to write more erotic stories, attempt some erotic drawing and spend lots of time working on my body.
In some ways I suppose I am just trying to give myself things to do to avoid thinking about my imprisoned cock. Some days all I can think about is laying on my bed, the cool breeze from the fan above me blowing on my naked body. Well, naked except for some loose white Nike basketball sneaks on my feet (probably white Nike Shox Lethal). My cock rock hard, free from any confinement, touching it for the first time in months. The shaft firm and textured with veins, straining against the confinement of the skin. I place my hand around my cock, holding firm, and dancing my hand slowly up and down over and over again, getting that wonderful pre-orgasmic feeling. I work my cock at a steady slow pace for an hour or so, keeping it completely hard, and then I get one last horny image in my head and then I speed up, moving my hand as fast as it will go, the bed vibrating beneath me until I orgasm. For a brief moment everything is quiet and still, the bed has stopped, my hand is at minimum speed. Then, the great burst of cum. My load shoots up into the air, falling down on my chest, face and on the wall behind my bed. The creamy geyser occurs with me exhaling an exhaustive moan as I empty my balls of their contents for the first time in too long. The creamy trail litters my body, my bed and my walls. I lay in silence and still, thankful the fan is running and then I drift off to sleep still covered in my cum.
Hmm… ok, maybe im a bit horny. Damn, ive got to get those thoughts out of my head.
Last Orgasm: Monday, June 25, 2007 (19 days ago)
Next Orgasm: still unknown

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