Changing of Locks

About twelve hours ago, the lock which I had easy access to the key for was removed. I was told to drop my pants, and right there on the spot, the new lock package was opened, my lock was removed and the new lock was installed, and promptly locked shut. In a matter of seconds the keys were no longer in my sight, and I still have no clue when I will have access to my cock again. I am very horny and have been very eager to be turned on by almost anything (except woman and dress shoes and shit like that). My truck fetish has come back to full force. As soon as I see a hot truck go by I start thinking about its driver and what type of sneaks/boots he would be wearing and stuff like that. Earlier in the evening I even started thinking about the guys in a military aircraft that was landing.
In fantasy I am a big fan of long term chastity, but now that I’m locked away with no way out (and a threat of points if I attempt) it is more of a serious thing. I am enjoying this situation, but at the same time I feel a bit of an emotional as well as physical stress from the presence of the device and knowing that I won’t be able to masturbate again until I am allowed.
The biggest problem I am having so far is hitting the end of the cage. I suppose if this remains a problem (where problem = waking up at 6:30am) I will just switch to the CB3000 head. I’ve joked before about using a steel device, but I seriously don’t think that is a good idea, nor would I recommend it to anyone for anything long term (or even more than a week).
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