Wanting to Cum

This device blocks me from my cock. I feel the need to take out my cock and play with it, working it for a long time while it is rock hard in my hand. Maybe I would use porn, maybe I would create a fantasy in my mind, but either way would be just as much of a relief. Several times a day my cock springs to life, begging to be set free from its cage so that it may perform its action of pleasure. I do not know when it will be appropriate to cum again, but I wish it to be soon, or perhaps not.
Daily I am pointed to things in my closet to wear that turn me on to myself and make me want to just reach down and stroke my cock once dressed, but ah, there is no pleasure there, only an acrylic barrier between me and my cock. Chastity creates strong feelings in me, strong feelings of desire, and yearning for so many erotic experiences.
I want to cum! Err… the frustration of it all. Desires fulfilled and desires blocked all in one event. It is of my own doings that I am in this situation, and I suppose now it is time to learn to enjoy this feeling and to receive pleasure from it. That is still not easy, for the cry in my head is “I WANT TO FUCKING CUM!”.
I suppose this is the beginning of the tales of a frustrated male.

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