How are people finding me?

How are people finding my website?
Here are a few of the most common searches people have done to reach me:

humiliation sneakers
bondage darby handcuffs
forced sneaker sniffing
sneaks and socks and lick
licking sneakers
sneaker fetish
cb3000 combination lock
hiatt darby 104 or 115
sensory deprivation hood
dirty sneaker fetish
his shoes in my face
lick jock sweat socks boots
chores in bondage
clean soles of work boots lick

Some of these searches are a bit weird, and certainly bare no resemblance to english statements. However, there are a few of these search terms that I have seen that get my cock stirring a bit, including:

  • humiliation sneakers – i like sneaker based humilations and being humiliated using sneakers, such as being forced to lick them, maybe even publicly.
  • forced sneaker sniffing – makes me think about a hot basketball player pulling off his ripe game sneaks and putting them over my face and holding them there
  • chores in bondage – its just a big interest of mine.
  • clean soles of work boots, lick – just sounds so yummy as a concept
  • dirty sneaker fetish – I think of some hot jock who has his sneakers a bit muddy and needs someone who gets turned on by stuff like that to lick them back to being clean again

Probably the most boring post ever, but I don’t really care. More interesting stuff to come soon, I promise.

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