Steelworxx Measuring Guide

I have received a question to my inbox from a reader about how to measure for the SteelWorxx devices, as well as had someone who had difficulty understanding Dietmar’s instructions, so here we go. All measures should be made while the penis is mostly flaccid.
A – this is the “A” ring circumference. You measure this with a string (then measure the string), and then divide by (about 3.14) to get your ring size.
B – this is the length of the tube. measure from the base of the penis to the tip of this head. This should be done with a flat ruler. Measure this as if you were measuring a shoe. Do it acurately, so not go excess or it will slide around, but do give yourself a few milimeters of wiggle room in the tip.
C – this is the circumference for the tube. Do as for part A again.