Talking Myself Into Boots

I have not added anything to my footwear collection recently I so I have been looking for something to add for fall. I usually come across the perfect thing without much effort, but recently I haven’t been entertained by new sneaker offerings. I have felt like I have too many pairs of boots, but yet it seems like don’t have any that I absolutely love and can use in any situation. I have found that I have boots assigned to certain situations whereas I tend to wear a pair-of sneakers just whenever the mood hits me to wear them. Boots I wear for specific events, such as working in the yard (Chippewa Oblique logger), painting (old Danner Fort Lewis 200g), or hiking (Danner Combat Hiker). It seems that what I am missing is a general purpose boot that I can wear for anything. Iwant a pair that I can wear for working with clay , baking, working outside in mud, or just generally wearing. I wear things like my two newer pairs of Fort Lewis for less destructive activities and in general am not very worried about their condition, but I do spend a lot of time trying to keep them in the best condition possible Unfortunately, this is one of the few situations in which my fetish conflicts with practicality and is contrary to itself. I like my boots clean but clean is not what excites me. Erotic boots are worn in and not taken care of quite the way that I take come of mine. I have obtained used boots in the past and I do enjoy those, but it isn’t the same as breaking in a pair for myself. Which I suppose is the reason I am presently considering a new pair of boots.I haveto get a pair that I can feel like I can get dirty in and maybe move importantly, a pair that I WANT to get dirty in. I guess this is why I have never really gotten sneakers dirty, I am too focused on keeping them in good condition. That practice doesn’t bother me, but the thing with boob does. Boots are meant for work, therefore it’s not logical to protect them the way I do. Each boot I own has a “type” of dirt that it is allowed. The hiking boots are allowed trail dirt, the Chippewa are allowed garden soil, the old Fort Lewis are allowed paint spray, the Timberlands are allowed cum and my old Lugz were allowed clay. Other than my own protectiveness, the next enemy in my closset is things that I really don’t like to wear, such as my Caterpillar Alaska boots. They are not very comfortable, and the steel toe is a little too obvious. I have gotten used to boots that are made better sand are actually a pleasure to wear.

I have been looking at another pair of logger boots, probably another pair of Chippewa, but in black. Presently I an considering Chippewa model #73051, or a pain of plain toe Super Logger. Either of those would meet my needs pretty well. They are 8 inches tall, which is perfect. Sometimes 6 inch boots (other than hiking) don’t really seem like boots, and 10 inch just seem overkill for everyday wear. Other things I find to meet my needs in these boots are the fact they are leather (protected from most forms of dirt), will be lickable (because of the leather), and have soles that are good for almost any situation.

I think that I have talked myself into the boots, but I have decided that if I am going to get boots like these, I am going to go get them in person so the t I may try them on and get a proper fit for boots that I may potentially wear a lot.

(If something in this post looks odd, or is strange in spots I pleased is regard it, I wrote this by hand and a Windows 7 gizmo read it.)

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