Wearing Big Shoes

Some of my favorite pairs of sneakers are those which I have that are bigger than my actual size. At the moment I have slipped into my size 15 Nike Shox VC II. I have found that breaking in sneakers that are this large feels a little awkward and doesn’t result with the sneakers being very comfortable, but there is something about slipping into a pair of sneakers that have been broken in by a basketball player that just makes them so very comfortable, and gives me a huge boner wearing them. Unfortunately it is rare to find this type of shoe available. Sneakers on eBay tend to either be new surplus stock, or worn sneakers that are way beyond being comfortably broken in. The very best source for what I like would probably be when you see them on a jock, just to ask to buy the jocks’s sneakers, but that gets a little awkward. Straights and those without a fetish do not get the appeal of previously worn footwear at all, they tend to react with disgust, even though, there is nothing gross about the topic when the sneakers are obtained properly. It is somewhat of a sensual feeling to slide your feet into a place where someone else’s feet have been.

2 thoughts on “Wearing Big Shoes”

  1. Hi
    Michael here. I was pleasantly surprised to find someone else that loves wearing bigger shoes than there regular size.
    I wear a 12 – 13 normally, but have some 14 and 15s that I love to wear when I am alone in the house, or with a sexual partner.
    I haven’t had much luck going to thrift stores and buying worn sneaks or boots, but I continue to look.
    I’ll keep checking back.
    thanks again
    Geneva, NY

  2. Ha it looks like that I am not along here 😉 i am a shoe maniac, love shoes… and same goes true for me…like wearing bigger shoes. i find them not only much more comfortable but as both of you guys put, also very sexually stimulating… however my range also includes oxfords or slip ons shoes… 😉 Find that with some Italian brands a smaller “12 size” runs very big like a 14US.

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