Looking for Humiliation

I have never truly been humiliated, even though it is one of my interests. I am looking for things that can be done to me, or I can be forced to do.  I’m primarily looking for public humiliation ideas (preferably some that won’t get me arrested), but private degradation ideas would be good too.  If anyone has any ideas, drop them in the comments area. I will not filter the legitimate suggestions at all and I will give them all to Jake to let him see if he wants to have fun with the ideas.

11 thoughts on “Looking for Humiliation”

  1. I think the pup needs to be walked… and a good stroll through the park can do wonders for one’s spirit… Perhaps, the pup should take leash in mouth and approach his boy and beg for a walk… and keep in mind, there are leash laws.

  2. A second idea… a public service:
    Locate your local fire house and offer your on-site boot cleaning services. Ensuring them that’s its preferred that they be worn while cleaning as to attain the highest quality shine.

  3. You get your leg cuffed to a tree and forced to swallow the key. You can unlock the chains as soon as the key comes back. Hope somebody leaves you some water.

  4. again, tapping both your interests and your skills:
    Request some piss from Jake and use it to bake some bread to serve as lunch for the week.

  5. throw a party and you are forced to do what anybody tells you to do for 10 minutes. Basically you have a different master every 10 min or half hour or whatever

  6. whenever you have friends over you are forced to lick there shoes clean no matter what kind they are or how dirty when they come in

  7. You are forced to get a huge piercing and that’s what your get chained up to from now on. I bet you won’t be struggling really hard to get away for the first few weeks when it’s healing.

  8. My personal favorite is going to a fast food restaurant or convenient store late at night. Have the prisoner go in fully chained and ask for a bathroom. Make the prisoner go to the bathroom while you buy a sandwich or buy a slurpee.
    Never have had a problem so far. 🙂

  9. caged for a week with nothing to eat but dog food. and forced to learn a new trick aka take a big toy in the ass. untill you learnt he trick you stay in the cage

  10. post pics of ur dildos in you on your gear section on the site next to the pics of them

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