Difficulty Selecting Hiking Boots

I have been looking for some hiking boots for the past few weeks, looking for something good, but yet attractive, and from a company I have heard of before (and doesn’t cater to the StarBucks/green freak/yuppie crowd). The pickings are slim and I am finding myself very disappointed with the options. I search for hiking boots, but keep ending up with options for “hiking shoes”, those ugly fabric and leather yuppie trail shoe things. Although, I must say, I have nothing against trail shoes, I would love another good pair of New Balance that I could wear hiking, but they do not fit the bill for all of my hiking needs.


My first option, as the best candidate, vanished suddenly from my grasp, since apparently, they had all been promised to the US Army; it was the Danner Combat Hiker Military Boot:


It is quite a stunning boot in appearance and is designed for combat situations, which ensures that it will meet any demands that I might ever have for it.


The second option, is only somewhat less attractive, but seems to have a reputation for not being built as well as the Danner Combat Hiker is the Danner Talus GTX:



The third option is one that I already have, but are getting sufficiently worn in to justify replacement. The Hi-Tech Altitude 4:



The fourth and final candidate is Timberland’s White Ledge Hiker. It is a durable boot that gets many great reviews, but I was really looking for something that is a bit more substantial of a boot.




Most of Danner’s hiking boots are ugly, Matterhorn/Cove does not have a hiking line, Timberland has gone too green, and all of the others are just simply horrible in appearance.

My requirements for hiking boots are simple:

  • They must be from a manufacturer I trust
  • They must be attractive
  • They must hug my ankle and fit well
  • They must be lickable (goes back to appearance, as well as material, ie. leather)


Anyone have any suggestions for other boots I might look at to consider?

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  1. I like the Danner Combat Hiker best, but you should check out Asolo and Zamberlan, they make great boots, I own several pair.

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